Really strange bug: tempo changes don't playback unless I restart the computer

I have encountered a really strange bug: when I change or add a tempo, it is ignored, unless I restart the computer. This is independent of playback template (I have both NotePerformer and SSE Pro).

Is this a weird glitch in my particular file (it was first created with an earlier version of Dorico) or has anyone else encountered this, and is there an easy fix?


update: now it won’t respond even after a restart :frowning:

Are you sure you don’t have playback in fixed tempo mode? Click the crotchet/quarter in the transport to toggle it…

thanks for the reply. Yes I am sure it is not in fixed tempo mode. I can see the tempo changing in the first movement when I do playback.

So some further information: I noticed that when I am playing back the first movement, at the last tempo change in the first movement (which is whole note = 84), the playback indicator suddenly jumps to the middle of the 2nd movement, and the tempo changes to q=300 with fixed tempo! When playback starts in the second movement, it is stuck in this tempo, and the playback head is about 150 bars into the movement. Very weird.

I did not know about fixed tempo mode - now that I can toggle it back on, it fixes the immediate problem, thank you!

Playback typically follows the MA music frame chain. Are you doing anything fancy with layout frames or non-standard page templates?

no, it’s all untouched I’m still in the entering-music-phase

What could be happening here is that your tempo is going sufficiently high that it exceeds the maximum that the transport window can show. When that happens, it gets truncated to 300 (or, I thought, 500) and fixed tempo mode becomes enabled. What tempos are you really using?