Really Upset - Waste of time

It’s great that you are having the 50% sale. I WAS intending to buy the crossgrade and downloaded the Cubase 10 Pro demo to try it out. Apparently the demo won’t work without the USB key. The problem is YOU CAN’T BUY A DONGLE ANYWHERE!!! In my country, there will be no stock until the END OF JULY!!! There are none on your website available. It’s ridiculous.

If you want to get new users you have to enable them to use the product. I’ve wasted this whole afternoon trying to find one of these things and am now really frustrated and angry having planned to demo the software today. SORT IT OUT! If you MUST have USB elicensers, at least keep them in stock. Maybe I’ll stick with Pro Tools.


Steinberg got caught out by the demand the Cubase 50% off sale has generated. At the moment the sale is due to end on 3 June.

If you can get a Vienna Key for Vienna Symphonic Library, that is also an eLicenser that works with Steinberg products (VSL license the eLicenser system from Steinberg). You can trial Cubase Elements 10 without a USB eLicenser but, as you say, the trials of Cubase Pro 10 (and the lower featured Cubase Artist 10) require a USB eLicenser.

You can buy an activation code during the sale and apply it to an eLicenser after the sale ends, though you understandably don’t want to buy Cubase without giving it a fair trial.

I hope you can find an acceptable way forwards.

You can trial Elements without the USB eLicenser if you just want to “get a feel” for the Cubase environment and see how it runs on your system and check compatibility with plug-ins, etc. Artist and Pro are the same as Elements with more functions, and included content. I know it doesn’t allow you the full benefit of trying Pro before you buy but if you are leaning towards Cubase Pro and don’t want to miss the sale, it may help.

Also, catch it on youtube. I’m a long time Cubase 7 artist user and just moved to 10 pro. Wow, Cubase has evolved. Really nice. And now that I’ve been looking at Groove agent 5 on youtube, I’m impressed. SB is not slacking at all. Grab it with the great price while you can :slight_smile: