Really Want You

Hi there , heres another recorded originally on cubase 4 , i just had a go at trying to mix it , hopefully it wont buzz your ears.thanks

That is great stuff. I love the reggae groove. The guitar solo was amazing. Navigating changes is not easy but you are clearly very comfortable with it. I like how the solo builds to its climax. Very nice stuff.

Loving the guitars. Really great tone and playing. Real drummer?
no issues with the mix as far as I’m concerned.

Hey WOW…you should get this song to Ziggy Marley, he’d have a hit with it…really good song !!! and very nice production, …Kevin

Great groove are they loops… well writen, ??? Only thing on mix for me is I would have loved vocals a slight bit more out front, just my personal taste though

Nice piece of work! Great guitars and great voices. Just felt the 40 sec intro is a bit long. Michael.

Yeah, I’d have liked the intro to be half the length it is. I don’t really like those reggae rhythms, but the interplay between the two guitars was interesting. The vocal melody once again works very well with the syllables/words, it’s very tight. Good stuff!

thanks a lot glad you enjoyed it

thanks Joe , i used my jaguar on that song ,i get some great old dunky tones with it .no its not a real drummer the kick drum samples are just laid out on an audio track not quite aligned to the grid .

thanks Kevin ,when you mentioned Ziggy Marley, for a minute i confused him with rolan bolan (marc bolans son with gloria jones ). a while back i went to see the remains of t.rex and rolan bolan sang a couple of songs he was a great performer, he reminded me of bob marley.

thanks kzarider ,the hi hat is a loop the drums are samples . i agree with the vox being low ,after listening again the kick seems loud also . :mrgreen:

thanks a lot Michael ,you are right about the intro .i am no good at editing my own stuff ,i always end up leaving too much stuff in ,thanks.

Another nice, and nice sounding, recording. I wouldn’t classify this as Reggae, but no matter, it works. I think it might have been one of your other fine tunes where I commented about the robotic nature of the hi hat; I must make the same observation here. A common technique used to make 16th-note hi hat parts not only more realistic, but really “breathing” with the track, is to change velocity on alternating notes, or at least some sort of variation that matches/compliments the rest of the track. IMO that would elevate this track close to perfection :sunglasses: