Realtime Dynamics Mapping


Is there anyway we could use realtime dynamics mappings via controller and apply them (in realtime) to midi events?
(Like the dynamic mapping in the score editor- but in realtime, controlling midi events?)

Example: midi sequence is playing, use mod wheel knob or fader to control velocity of pre recorded midi parts- thus overriding the original velocity values… And, by press of a “reset button” would default them to their original velocity states?

If yes, how?
If no, why not add realtime dynamics function to midi inserts- and implement the “universal quick controls” to control not only midi inserts, but also have them control many tracks simultaneously without the need of arming them first;)?

Thanks for feedback:)

What i am trying to do? Have one knob/fader control the velocity of multiple prerecorded midi events in realtime using dynamic mappings. (Preferably without arming the channels first) - also to record the output to the set . On top of that, if the movement is not recorded into the set, “return to original value” of the midi event.
Thx for any help:)

Specifically for Velocity, you can use Track Quick Controls to automate (in realtime) the “Velocity Shift” parameter in the MIDI/Instrument track’s Inspector. (but of course, one track at a time though)

Oh wow! Wasnt aware of the QC velocity shift function!

Trés cool!, thank you vic:)

Now what is left is to use this function on multiple tracks at once:)