Realtime effects for drums in homesudio + writing a guide for surf rockers

hi, I am very interested in realtime effects. I am a real noob in Cubase and used to mix and record a bit through the built-in virtual instruments in Cubase 11. Now I have acoustically drums Gretsch and want to use Cubase as a medium for processing effects.
In simple terms, How to record microphones with effects on Cubase 11 for drums? What’s the best library or virtual instrument for this?
PS: I have a good Presonus card for 16 inputs.
I have just started my journey in all this and will simultaneously write on my blog on this topic. And all your answers will spill over into essence for surfer rockers :slight_smile:

Hi Darel,

Welcome to the Steinberg Forums :+1:

Just to be clear, are you wanting to record your Gretsch drums or use a Virtual Instrument…or both ?

Hello, both. Probably just enough for those who understand Cubase. But I’ve just started. and I know how to record only midi tracks. I have a sound card and a studio. What else do I need to start writing my drums?
I would really like to understand how to apply effects to my microphones and monitor the whole situation through headphones. Thank you

Well, that’s quite a big question ! And I notice you’ve posted a similar BIG question the ‘mixing guitars’ thread.

The easy answer first…buy Superior Drummer 3 - it’s the best drum virtual instrument out there.

The second answer about REAL drums is a much bigger subject - you are going to need some microphones, cables etc. And a reasonable space to record them in.

I’d strongly suggest you take a look on youtube to get you started. Try micing the drums with just 2 or 3 mics until you get the feel for Cubase…and the effects the come with Cubase are easily good enough to get you started.

Jump in with both feed and don’t worry about doing it wrong - then ask questions when you have more specific issues.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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