Realtime export crash

In realtime export audio mixdown, it crashed (DNF) with a slow drive error.
The same mixdown was successful in non realtime, but analysis revealed small, easily overlooked dropouts!!!
The solution was to go back and render the variaudio work before mixdown.
This was a relatively small project, about 6 tracks plus drums, attempted on multiple ssd drives.
I’m suspecting either:

  1. Failures when copying variaudio elements to other locations in the song, or
  2. Variaudio originally from an older version of Cubase does not play nicely in my current update.

Study your exports carefully, I’ve sent out plenty of files lately, trusting my offline exports.
Now I know that they could have problems which are only revealed by pre -rendering variaudio tracks and doing a null test with the revised mixdown!!!


Could you attach the crash dump file, please?

Apologies, I used the word “crash” in the title in order to generate more views. (That didn’t work!)
A better choice might have been “corruption”.
Therefore, there was no dump file generated (I don’t think.)
After getting no responses, I upgraded last night to CB 10.5. Maybe I’ll learn more from that.

Thanks for the reply!