Realtime Export Of Frozen Tracks?

Hey y’all, I’m just curious as to how you export frozen tracks (VST instruments or MIDI) in realtime.
I have tried so far but no audio will play from the file after the export is finished…
None of the tracks are muted and when I did a realtime export on 1 track, which was a kick, it played fine.
The only difference was this track wasn’t frozen!
Any tips or suggestions would be nice thanks!
Cubase 6 is too much on the CPU I can’t even finish my track without freezing everything… =/

Laptop— Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.
Intel Celeron processor 900. 2.20GHz. 1MB Cache. 800MHz FSB.
3GB DDR2 System Memory, Max supported =4096MB. 2 accessible memory slots.
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500M (shared) with up to1309MB total available graphics memory.
250GB (7200RPM) Hard Drive (SATA).
High speed 56k modem

Thanks again y’all!

Try using the channel batch export and check “real time export” in the options. It allows you to choose ease track/channel that you want to export as a wave file.
Concerning the difficulties in general, are you using the built in sound card? If so what ASIO driver are you using? Consider ASIO4ALL (free on the internet). Also, try raising the buffer size during the export.


Thanks for the tips bud.
Yea I am… standard laptop sound card. I can only choose from “low generic ASIO driver” or “full duplex ASIO driver”
I use the low generic as it has the lowest amount of latency and CPU use. Although I did hook up my Xone Dx Dj controller that has a built in sound card and used that ASIO driver instead. At the moment that is working the best but still not nearly as well as i would want it to! I will try the ASIO4ALL thanks. As to raising the buffer size for low generic ASIO you can only put it to 1-100 and than the Xone Dx ASIO doesn’t have the option to increase the buffer size at all! :stuck_out_tongue:
It has the option to increase the sample rate, resolution, and in the ASIO tab… System performance and Application priority. System performance shows Output and Input latency example: 2048 samples/46ms.
Anyways thanks again for the advice bud!