Realtime Level Monitoring in Compression and EQ


I’m a new Cubase user coming from StudioOne. One of the features I really loved in StudioOne was the default compressor, the audio level was visible in real time right on the graphic curve - and you could see when the level reaching the threshold and the knee and beyond. It has a similar function with the EQ, they put a realtime 20 (or so) band monitor with a decent refresh rate behind the EQ controls.

Does anyone know any third party plugs that could get me the same sort of thing? or is there something in Cubase that is similar?


In terms of just the visual & metering feedback, or the compressor functionality too?

Check out Voxengo - Aleksey does some really nice tools that nobody else seems to do and has his own unique takes on the rest of his plugins. I use them all the time, and would not be without them.
If just metering, check out Span.
Otherwise - broswe his site…