realtime peaks & mouse problem


here is my problem in short video (0:12)

when i trying to distinguish something in my project window my Asio start be overload, and realtime peaks going crazy.

Also the sound start cracking. I searching solution in forum, but cant find it

I moved from Cubase 5, and C5 doesn’t have that problem.

i5 4670
16GB Ram
Intel HD Graphics 4600

Cubase installed on Samsung SSD

Problem solved by using non-integrated video card.

when i dragging/moving/trimming audio parts i have 100% in performance menu (F12) it was on my Intel HD graphics 4600 (Intel i5 4670)

after i test Cubase with my old Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTS 320MB the problem is GONE.

Hope it helps to someone