Realtime Peaks with External FX (external Hardware) routing

i notice a strange behaviour when i use a routed external fx instace in Nuendo 10.
When i put as an insert my “outboard” chain in any tracks (also in a simple mastering project with no vst or complex tracks or effects) i notice a really hard spikes in the realtime peaks.
To understand better what i’m saying here you can watch a screenshot video from my DAW

Thanks for your help

I’m not an expert but it looks like routing realtime audio to the outside world is a CPU-heavy process inside Nuendo?
Maybe you could lower your audio-driver’s buffer setting in order to gain less stress for your CPU to process all these bits and bytes within the given time?
I hope that helps?

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Wow, there’s another Pier on here? I’ve using a lot of external fx and haven’t experienced this. I’ve been using 8 - 10 different external fx in a mix. I’ve seen other random issues but it isn’t a universal bug. I would recommend as a test, try moving your Nuendo prefs folder and letting a new one get created. See if the behavior continues with new prefs.