Realtime recording from a midi/instrument track to an Audio


Can anyone tell me how to record in an audio track in real time. What I mean is, when i’m playing the keyboard on my synth, I can hear what I’m playing when I have it’s midi track selected in Cubase. Once I select an audio track to record it, it silences my synth.

Then if I go back to my midi track where the synth is setup, I can hear the synth but the audio track stops recording.

Does anyone have any advice.

The midi track triggers your external synth so it should be armed when recording. (or you do not hear anything like you said)
If you want to record your external synth as audio in the DAW you should arm an audio track if you want to record something. (which is logical too)
So to answer your question: you want to do those two things at the same time, so you should simply arm both tracks: arm the midi track and arm the audio track.

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This was actually demonstrated in the recent Club Cubase (March 2017) hangout at around 1:34.

Thank you so much to both of you for replying to my problem.

I tried many things like trying to make my synth track have a send route that goes to some type of bus, then use that bus as an input for the Audio track. What I’m saying probably just sounds like garbage because I have about 2 months experience with cubase now and my synths and equip I bought as well. I have no idea what I’m doing, but I really love creating music.

Somehow I think I stumbled onto a work around, when I click the “monitor” button to “on” on my midi track with my Ultranova, I can now hear what I’m playing on the Nova when I have my audio track selected and recording. Hooray!!

Thanks again for all your help I have bookmarked this page for further study and guidence.

I wish there was a way I could thank you guys for the help? Sometimes you don’t get any help or replies at all on the forum.

your welcome.
normally this forum is quite correct in it’s behaviour, but remember it is a forum and very often consists of quick writings and quick thoughts.
if someone can’t understand a question, or it is more or less ranting where someone doesn’t want to get involved in to, then he just passes by and doesn’t reply. So if you got no reply, first think about “am i clear with what i say”. It is nothing personal never because we don’t know eachother.

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I will keep that in mind.

Thanks again