Realtime scale transpose. Are there solutions?

Are there solutions for this issue:
How can I implement scale transpose tracks in realtime, using midi keyboard? I know that it is possible to scale the clips using the Chord track. But these changes are static and are not suitable for realtime improvisation.

That’s done in the Input Transformer.

Is it possible to configure the Input transformer for chord recognition and transform in accordance with these chords?

For chord track chords you would use Live Transform. Probably you should read the manual chapter about the chord track. Page 548 talks about this question though.

Unfortunately, all the methods available today suggest a chord track and chords on it. I’m talking about the possibility of control by transposing the selected tracks in real-time using the control midi track (the so-called “driver track”). On the principle of device auto accompaniment. When the selected tracks have recorded style. There are selected loop. And improvisation mode I manage scale transpose these tracks finding the right tunes. Desirably, no change score on selected tracks.