Reamp issues Cubase 10.5 Pro

Hi everyone

First post and it’s one of frustration…

I’m trying to reamp for the first time and nothing I’m trying is working. I have Cubase 10.5, a Focusrite Scarlett 4i4, a reamp box, and an amp with a load box to send signal reamped signal back to Cubase.

What I know:

  • playing guitar directly through amp reaches Cubase so no issue there
  • Cubase works normally with sound coming out of monitors
  • no signal is LEAVING the Focusrite to the reamp box and amp. This is the issue I can’t solve and it’s driving me nuts.

If someone could guide me through step by step and really simplify it that would be great. I’ve watched videos, etc. But whatever I do no sound is being output from Cubase to the reamp box.

Please help :blush:

That’s not that easy… the Focusrite uses a software that is valid for using it.
Which OS? Which reamp box?

Can you provide a drawing of your setup?