Reamping - dry signal too weak - ways to increase Gain?


I’m using a LIO-8 interface and Torpedo Reload to reamp my guitar. For some reason the tone of the wet signal is off. I think it’s down to the dry signal coming out of the DAW track through the interface and being sent to the reamp box is too weak.

Strangely, maxing the gain on the output trim of the LIO-8 doesn’t have enough gain to overcome this issue.

Is there a way in Cubase to increase the output gain of a track in real time? The only way I can think of now is to increase the fader but this only gives a limited amount of additional volume.

Better still, does anyone have a similar setup with a LIO-8 for reamping?


Though there is a Pre-Gain fader on the Cubase mixer this isn’t really the issue here I’d guess.

I assume you’re running from Guitar to Torpedo Reload to LIO-8 to Computer?

Or maybe, re-reading you’re using the Torpedo afterwards amd have the guitar plugged straight into the LIO-8?

If it’s the latter I’d guess the problem is that the LIO-8 doesn’t have a high impedance input and so can’t cope with the signal from the guitar. You need a DI box first (like the Torpedo).

Thanks for replying Nic.

The set up is not the issue unforunately :frowning:
I had the same setup with a previous interface and it worked perfectly. My chain is…

Guitar -> Torpedo DI input -> LIO-8 -> DAW -> LIO-8 -> Torpedo Reamp -> LIO-8 -> DAW

Hmm, that’s a shame…guess it would have too easy to be that. :frowning:

To me it sounds like an issue with the LIO-8’s level output but that sounds really strange for a unit of its cost and design. Sadly I don’t know anything about it. Hopefully there’s someone else on here who has one…

Good luck!