Reamping with the UR44?

I have read the manual, looked through the forums but I’m still stymied.

I’m running windows 7, samplitude 11.

I want to take a recorded guitar DI track in samplitude, and route it to my amp modeler, and record the stereo reamped track.

How do I do this?

Here is what I’ve done so far.
-I have my amp modelers outs into Line input 5&6 (set to +4db).
-I have a cable going from the line 3 output, to the amp modelers input.
-In the mixer, In the MIX2 tab, I mute channels 5&6 or it feedbacks like crazy.
-in Samplitude, I set the DI track to Line outputs #3

What I hear is lots of hiss and a very low reamped signal with lots of reverb, presumably from rev-x that I can’t turn off.

What am I doing wrong?


So I got rid of the reverb, maybe I had one of the sends up or something.

There is still a hiss. It’s not a crazy hiss, but it’s definitely there. This was my set up with an emu 1616m and Lynx two and there was no hiss. I tried recording the DI guitar track out of the line output#3 and into the Input#1 just to compare, and you can definitely hear the hiss introduced by this test.

Any help would be appreciated

Have you tried -10dBV? Are you sending a mono signal out of Line 3 (as opposed to half a stereo signal)?
Does the Amp modellers input accept a line level signal?