Reaper - drag audio to Groove agent

Anyone been able to drag audio from a track in Reaper onto a pad in Groove agent 5?

I can do this with battery and Kontakt but GA5 won’t play ball…


Works in Cubase, that’s the only info I can give you. Sorry others haven’t responded.

Thanks. Appreciate you taking the time to respond :slight_smile:

Quick though Matthew:

I’m guessing because cubase uses a media pool directory, GA knows that directory but doesn’t know the directory for audio files for reaper. Thus, when you drag the clip, which represents the audio file, GA doesn’t know that clip or where it’s stored.

Do you have the full GA or SE version?

That sounds very possible. I hadn’t thought about that.

The full version.

It’s interesting that you can do it with other other vsti’s. In reaper you hold down cntrol while dragging and it creates a fresh copy of that audio file when you drop it in the VSTi. I wonder if it’s also something to do with GA being VST3? Unfortunately I don’t have a vst 2 version of it to try…:frowning: