Reaper feature: Snap the END point of an event to grid?

Reaper has this awesome feature where, depending on where the pointer tool is on your event, you can have the beginning or end of it snap to your grid value when you drag it. I’m fairly certain this doesn’t exist in Cubase, but in place of that, where is the snap setting or modifier to have the end of the event snap to the grid instead of the beginning? I’m not talking about adjusting the snap point inside the event – that would be way too bumbling and slow – this is simply a Snap Type where the end of the event snaps to the grid instead of the beginning of the event. Snap to Event is not what I’m talking about, either.

An example: Let’s say you have an audio file of a reverse cymbal that’s an irregular length (and needs to be that way sonically). With this type of snap enabled you can snap the end of it directly on the beat.

I generally just use ‘magnetic cursor’ for this - it’s one of the “Snap” options. When magnetic cursor is active, the start / end of the clip will snap right to the cursor when you move the clip towards it. So just set the cursor to where you want the ending of the clip to snap to (say right on the grid line), drag the ending of the clip toward the cursor and it’ll automatically grab it and line it up perfectly.

I have shortcut keys for all this, so makes switching grid & snap setting very quick/ easy. Perhaps there’s an easier way to do this, but I’ve been using the magentic setting for like a decade!

Thanks, yeah. I’ve used that, too, and it’s an OK workaround. I’m hoping there’s a way to simply snap the end part of each event though – it’s a lot easier and faster. Some other DAWs have it for very good reason, and I feel Cubase Pro would benefit from it. Once you use it on another DAW you’ll really want it badly. :smiley: It might very well be there and neither of us can find it!

Anyone else know? If this isn’t a feature then it needs to be one: It’s fantastic in Reaper (and a couple others) for a very good reason in that it’s another way that speeds up workflow. It would be a very easy addition to the snap menu or as a keyboard mod for mouse dragging.

Some other DAWs have it for very good reason, and I feel Cubase Pro should, if it’s “pro”

While it sounds like it could occasionally be useful I don’t think Cubase’ pro status hangs on this function alone :laughing:

WHAT!? I thought it DID?? :laughing: Yeah, that was a really dumb statement, agreed – I just edited it.

On a side note: Once you use it you’ll probably want it and realize how many times you’ve needed it. That’s what happened to me, anyway.