Reaper-like feature request...

I’d like the ability to open one insert window that allows me to quickly view each insert currently on a channel, via a menu on the left where I see the list of inserts - click an insert, the gui pops up on the right side.

If you use a third-party plugin for this functionality, what is it? And are all the plugins inside it automatable?

So you want to have a dedicated plug-in window. You will just select, which plug-in is displayed in the window, by clicking to the Inserts slots. Do I understand it correct?

If yes, this feature request is here for some years, already.

exactly. How glorious would this be? Glorious.

The channel strip idea tries to address this, but the mixer has to be sized big enough to make it useful, and mine often isn’t.

For the Channel Strip settings, you can use the Channel Settings window, which follows the selected track.

oh, right. Thx for the reminder.

to update this post, I’m talking about this: