Rearrange Order Of Editing Tools


How can we rearrange the order of the editing tools?

1-2-3-8-3-4-7-6 is counterintuitive. :open_mouth:

Am I the only one?

Thanx! :mrgreen:

O.K., I “boldly went where no man has gone before”, edited the nomenclature, but I wasn’t given the option to choose a location for the new key-command layout. Nuendo automatically saves it in the Library.

Ideally, I’m supposed to be able to copy that file and load it onto a different system, if I’m working in a location other than at home, right?

The thing is, in the “Key Commands” editor, the “Load Command File” dialogue doesn’t allow me access to the library, and that’s where the .xml file is stored.

Any ideas?


You can use the user profile to do that or just copy the key commands file from one system to the other.

Search the forum as there are many posts on this subject.
I have never had or used the standard Steinberg KC setup for anything. I never liked how it was setup