Rearrange Order of VST Output Buses?

I’ve already tried my luck at google and the operations manual, but to no avail. Is there a way to rearrange the buses in VST connections window?

What do you mean with “rearranging” the buses?


He probably means it literally, and I’ve wondered the same thing.

Regular midi / audio channels are moveable at least somewhere (project window), but the outputs are not. So for some of us who actually want to use or see the outputs in a certain order the only solution is to create them in the (opposite?) order in which we want to see them.

For people who have already created templates it gets pretty annoying when it’s impossible to just drag-move them around. I have templates networks in the US where the meat-and-potatoes in groups go to relevant outputs which I then record or render from. These outputs are full mix, mix minus, m&e, and various stems. Plenty of routing. In order for me to get all of that in an order that I prefer I have to delete them all and recreate them, and thus also redo all the routing.

Not very convenient.

Exactly, I don’t want to have to delete and remake all my output buses just because I want to move my PFX bus in front of my DX bus. Really the only way to arrange them is to add them in the order you want.

Yes, that is very annoying! This bugs me too!
In the “VST connection” you should be able to just drag a bus an reorder them to a specific order you like. Sometimes, on bigger sessions, i end up with a lot of STEMs and GROUP/ SUBGROUP busses. So it would be neat to be able to select just the most important ones and move them to the top of the list …
all of that i’m very used to in PT :wink:!

I understand and yes, I struggled with the same. Would be very helpfull to have the feature.


+1 … can be very frustrating and time consuming

add to that this frustrating scenario…

I set up a VST connections page (to match the layout of my project) with 46 mono, 2 stereo, and then 6 more mono (to bounce sub mixes to)

Open an project that is old enough to have used an older RME driver (new revisions cause the system to forget the original I/O assignments). You get the standard “missing ports” message.

So I go to my VST connection presets and set the Input and output pages.
Now I go to my tracks so I can reassign them (in order) but the VST connection page that loaded from a preset (that was in numerical buss order) is no longer in numerical order, 1 of the stereo busses has been inserted between mono busses 4 and 5. When you select the 46 mono busses and try to assign I/O Sequentially (desire 1-46), I get Mono_1-4…Stereo_1, Mono 5-45.

In other words a mono track gets assigned a stereo buss, and everything after that is assigned to the wrong place.

I end up having to do track assigns in groups of tracks. A waste of time and effort.

If a VST preset initializes in a different order than it was created in you should be able to reorder them.