Rearrange Slices


Is there a way to easily rearrange loop slices.


  • To rearrange Kick, snare, Hihat etc slices so that they match General Midi mapping.
    Kick=C1, Snare=D2, HiHat=F#1 etc

  • To rearrange funky guitar loop slices so that the pitches are arranged on the proper keys so they can be played chromatically.

I can think of time-consuming ways to do this, like slice the loop. Export the slices individually. Then drop them into kontakt and rearrange them.

Does anyone know some easier ways to rearrange slices to perform them from the keyboard?

Thank You


You can make the slices and the assignment to the MIDI Notes within Groove Agent SE, pretty much automatically.

Then you can play the MIDI Notes on your MIDI keyboard to record the new grove.

Thank you Martin

Yes, this works great