Reason 10.4 Not Rewiring With Cubase 5.5.3

Hey guys. Its been awhile since I last posted! Mainly cause I didnt really have any issues until yesterday. Anyways, last night, I upgraded an old version of Reason to Reason 10.4. Costed me a hefty 129 bucks to do it, but I had the software for ages, yet it bothered me that I couldnt use it on my 64 bit Cubase Studio 5. So I upgraded. After everything was installed, I tried Reason out, played around with it, loved it. So I experimented with Rewiring into Cubase. I closed Reason completely and opened up Cubase Studio 5 first. I then opened a new project and went to Devices up in the menu and noticed no option to Rewire reason, even after opening up Reason with it. I was confused as to why. Read up in the forums to try copying the Rewire.dll and put it in your Cubase folder. So i closed both programs, opened up Cubase, and finally the option was there. I rewired the left and right channels, then I opened Reason. But it was hanging on the logo screen and gave me a pop up message error saying “Engine not responding. Please check your Rewire host.” Im pretty sure the Reason 10.4 Im using must be 64 bit even though I dont see it anywhere. And I dont think the solution to this problem is for me to shell out $300 bucks to upgrade to Cubase 10 Pro. What can I do to fix this issue? Thanks in advance.