REASON 12 as VST - crashes Cubase 12 Pro DAW- scrambles Console 1 Fader communication

This problem involves three vendors products, so it might be obscure, I thrust this group and Softube- users are serious brain trusts. I haven’t found Reason forums helpful.

Anyone have success with Reason 12 VST in Cubase 12 Pro on a Windows 10 system - Maybe this is kind of a warning if your thinking about trying to use all three products - sure I’ve stuck with the problem too long/.

What I’ve found (5 repeatable tests) is Reason 12 as a VST in Cubase 12 Pro -is unreliable on my system. It causes Cubase to crash or can’t load a device with “hardware exceptions” error when loading Processed Piano then crashes.

But the bigger red flag/ problem is it scrambles Console 1 Fader communication with it’s hardware faders; randomly drop tracks from being controlled, and not only Reason instruments are dropped it does it to any other stable VST from other mfgs.

Remove Reason devices from the Project - save it and reload and Console 1 is fine. I’m disappointed, not being able to use Reason and thought one more try to source a solution.

I run Reason 12.2.9d40 in Cubase Pro 12.0.50 and Win 10 and do not have crashes. But it seems to get stuck sometimes when closing projects. Not sure why. It has been a problem in the past for many.

There has also been an issue with using save my password in Reason. Take a look here:

I think it getting stuck is a crash, do you get the gray crash screen when you start Cubase after the freeze?

Yes, if you have to force it to shut down.

Used Reason plugin few times and caused crashes for me too, so now I simply avoid using it. The issue is, there is no way to load a project minus one plugin when it causes a crash, so then it’s a case of creating a new project, importing all the tracks excluding the Reason one to recover an affected project.
Hard to say if the issue is Reason itself or Cubase, let’s face it, Cubase is hardly the most stable program, random crashes, not closing down properly, it has improved recently but still a long way to go.