Reason Lite 10 not in ReWire list in Cubase Artist 9.5 (Mac)

HI, I’ve having no luck with ReWiring Reason Lite 10 with Cubase Artist 9.5 on a Mac. Both are the latest versions. I’ve been through various forums searching but no luck so wondered if anybody could offer any advice?

I open Cubase first then create/open a project then open Reason and open/create a project. In Cubase I go to ‘Studio > ReWire > ReWire Setup…’ and the ReWire Setup list window is blank apart from the buttons (Select All / Deselect All / Cancel / Apply).

Is it that I need to purchase the full Reason 10 and not the ‘Lite’ free version to be able to use ReWire? I’ve spent hours researching and looking online but can’t find any results.

Both programmes work perfectly independently. I’d like to add some Reason sounds to existing Cubase tracks that I’ve worked on so it’s not possible to start from scratch in Reason!

I’m running a MacBook Pro, OS Sierra 10.12.6

Hi and welcome,

First start the Reason as own application, the ReWire file is created. Then Quit Reason.

Start Cubase first. Then start Reason. Reason should switch to ReWire mode and you should be able to connect to it.

Thanks Martin. Amazingly I heard back from Reason within an hour of asking the question this afternoon!
It turns out that Reason ‘LITE’ does not have ReWire capability:

Their reply:
No, Reason Lite 10 doesn’t feature Rewire.
Unfortunately, Reason 11 doesn’t feature Rewire either. It’s been removed in favor of the Reason Rack Plugin VST3 that comes with Reason 11.

I think I’ll get the Reason Rack VST3, sounds a hell of a lot easier.

I wasted quite a few hours but hopefully this thrtead will help any other having similar issue.


Thank you for the reply and clarification.