reason midi channels not staying connected


i am using cubase 4

when i use reason as well through rewire i control reason using cubase midi channels this works great couse i prefer cubase sequencer

the only problem is ,when i close down the softwear [after saving ] i then restart the project and all the cubase midi channels that control reason have come disconected at their outs so i have to go through them all and manualy reconect them which is fine providing i named the midi channels with the reason instrument but if i did not name them then it hard to remember which midi channels go to which instrument

it would seem to me that these cubase midi channels should remember which reason instrument they were connected to

can anyone advise me on this


I am experiencing the same issue - it’s not a major issue but a little frustrating. Have you found a solution yet?

If not, does anyone have any tips? It’s probably something very simple however I’ve searched the manuals and not found anything.

I am using Cubase 5 rewired with Reason 3. (Weirdly one project I have seems to be fine and for the life of me can’t figure out why it works on one, but not others.)


I’ve just encountered this exact same problem just a couple of days ago.

In my Cubase 5 I suddenly had problems opening a project with Reason rewired even though I launced Reason first, and Reason rewire was activated when I made the project and saved it so. When opening the project Cubase claimed that the Reason channels were “unmapped” or “not connected” (can’t remember the exact term now), suggested that I close Reason and relaunch it. But still Cubase just wouldn’t let me activate rewire. Very strange - I’ve never had that problem before.

ok the fix and cause is ,

if you close reason then save cubase at this point cubase saves the reason connections as disconnected because they are reason is closed ,

so dont save cubase after you close reason :slight_smile:

Sounds totally plausable. Clever you :slight_smile: Thank you - I will test this tonite.

Nope - that didn’t help.

I saved my project, closed Reason, closed Cubase. Opened Reason first, opened Cubase - again it said that the channels for Reason was not connected.

This is driving me crazy!

You may have to go into the Cubase Device>VST connections screens and set up a MIDI connections template. I dont use Reason so I’ve never had a need to do anything special with the MIDI connections but I do use various VST audio setups (including Control room monitoring etc…)

In the VST connections pages I can set up my audio in’s and out’s and save them as a preset.

I’m pretty sure you can do a similar thing with MIDI in’s and out’s. So bring everything up and get Cubase set up so that you can control Reason. Once it’s working, look around in Cubase and see if there’s a way to save your existing MIDI configuration as a Template.

Once you create the template, from then on tou just have to bring up Cubase and Reason, go to the Cubase MIDI screens and load your template to restore the MIDI config.

I’m pretty sure this can be done (not at the studio right now so I cant absolutely verify it).

i thought you had to open reason second when using them together


save cubase / save reason / close reason / close cubase

open cubase / open reason

I have discovered a fix for me but I open Cubase first, then Reason as I use Reason as the slave program - the slave program should be opened second. (I have Cubase 5 / Reason 3).

When you open Reason, don’t launch the program itself (which brings up an empty rack) launch the saved Reason file. This works for me. It seems if you launch an empty rack first and go “File / Open” it clears the MIDI out memory from Cubase and they wind up not connected. Having to manually reconnect isn’t the end of world but it’s a nusiance if like me you use a lot of reason synths.