Reason Rack Plug-In absent inside Cubase 10.5

I just upgraded to Reason 11 to get the Reason Rack Plug-in functionality.

It is listed in the Plug-In manager (not blacklisted), as is Reason Effects Rack under the FX tab. The Reason Effects Rack DOES show up and I can insert it on an insert or send track, but the Instrument version doesn’t show up anywhere when trying to create an instrument track.

Incidentally I had this exact same problem with a demo of Izotope’s Breaktweaker drum machine I downloaded a week or two ago… it too is listed in the Plug-In manager but doesn’t show up in the choice of instruments to insert on an instrument track.

This is under Cubase 10.5.12 but was also happening under an earlier version of Cubase with Breaktweaker.

Breaktweaker did show up as expected inside my installation of Logic Pro X.


Are these VST or VSTi? Can you see them in the VST Plug-in Manager > VST Instruments tab?

Yes, I can see them in the Plug-in-Manager > VST instruments tab… they just don’t show up anywhere as an option to insert in an instrument track (I’ve both keyword searched and manually looked through everything without finding them)

Hey, I just figured it out! I had a Custom set of plug-ins selected rather than DEFAULT and it wasn’t adding new instruments to the Custom set when I installed them. Just switched back to DEFAULT but I will have to figure out how to manually add plugs to the custom set later…