Reason Rewire

I recently moved onto a new 64 bit computer. I had projects wrapped up with reason using rewire. Now when I open the projects I cant connect using rewire. The rewire option doesn’t even appear in the “Device” menu. A pop up box appears asking if I want to remove the unused adio tracks, which were the rewire channels.

Any answers?

To run rewire in 64 bit mode both applications need to support 64 bit rewire, Cubase does not support 64 bit rewire.

It should work if you run both applications as 32 bit in the 64 bit O/S

Under Windows, you need to install a separate 32-bit version of Reason:


  1. Make sure Reason isn’t running.
  2. Select the Reason application in the Finder and choose “Get Info” from the File menu.
  3. Turn on the option “Open in 32-bit Mode”.
    The next time you launch Reason it will run in 32-bit mode.