Reason to use N64?

Did a search no real answer.
Can I use 32 and 64 on the same system?

I’m using Win 7 64

I haven’t been to the forum lately but it shows no post from me and I’m a new member.
Why is this?


Well let me hear the pros and cons please.
I guess I have to redo my specs and so forth also.

64 will give you access to lots more memory, but you have to rely on “bridged” 32bit plugins if they aren’t native 64 code.

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additionally these bridged 32-bit VST Plug-Ins need a little bit more CPU power, because these 32-bit VST Plug-Ins have to be compiled in real-time to 64-bit.



Are all the major plugins 64bit now?

Anybody running full 64bit?

I tried running 64bit on a few years ago and it was kind of a disaster.

It’s a lot better now. Lots of 64bit plugins , and jbridge works very well with most 32bit plugs. Well worth using if you need more memory.

using jbridge doesn’t kill the processor? I saw a substantial jump back when I was using it before.

Cant say I’ve noticed ? but as pointed out, bridging 32 bit plugs in a 64 bit environment does take extra processing.
It certainly doesn’t kill my processor!

Two major holdouts are Universal Audio (UAD) and Antares (Autotune), though:

  • UA has indicated it WILL be 64bit THIS year, with no charge to customers
  • Antares has finally brought out a 64bit plugin, but not indicated when the rest will be , nor whether there will be a charge to upgrade.

UAD works on 64 bit systems, the driver is 64 bit, the plugins are still 32 bit but work well with the standard bridge.