Reasonable CC controller for cubase?

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As a composer, I’m using a lot of virtual instruments (among them Hollywood Strings and LA Scoring Strings) which all require me to have control over different MIDI CC’s (continuos controllers), mostly CC1 and CC11 but others as well. Of course I can draw curves in cubase, which is quite comfortable. But for a lot of tracks or when it’s necessary to adjust CC’s during recording, this is not the solution.

That’s why I’m looking for a piece of hardware which allows me to control at least 4 MIDI CCs with faders.

I own a BCF2000 and, after hours of work, got it to work with Pro Tools and actually could record MIDI CCs from faders. But on the one hand, this was very uncomfortable (just worked on one single midi channel, not just the ones that are record enabled) and on the other hand, the curves drawn during recording (so when I actually was moving the faders during recording) were ‘leaky’ and head some big, big fissures and bugs in it – absolutely useless and I had to redraw everything manually.

Is there any controller that is known to just work with cubase? As far as I understood, Steinberg’s CMC-QC would serve exactly that purpose, is that right? The problem about that is, that it does not have faders and as far as I know, the CMC-FD can’t be used for that (see

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Correct me if im wrong… but CC control extent and ability relies on the VST itself and much less Cubase.

But to answer your question - and it is probably overkill for your needs. I sometimes use Maschine as my CC controller. 6 control pots at the top of the LCD’s

example video

I haven’t used the FD so I cannot comment, sorry. But if you were to consider the QC, you could also check out the CC121, which have the ability to cameo as a QC controller as well. E.g. I use it for QC with HALion (and other VSTi’s, of course). This gives you more Cubase control in one unit. :slight_smile:

Well, as far as I know CC is just a standard part of the MIDI protocol and basically, a controller just needs to send CC data which will be passed on to any VST plugin (of course my plugins understand CC codes). It works fine with my mod wheel on my piano…but that’s just one wheel and I need at least for of them.

Buying a CC121 or even a Maschine might be a bit of an overkill just for controlling ccs…

I have not used… but considered this little $100 USD Korg as a CC controller.

Here is the photo

Possibly the lowest price you will find a CC controller with 4+ pots … and sliders to boot.