Reasons to keep previous versions installed?


I have SpectaLayers v8, v9 and v10 installed on a PC. v8 and v9 are ~600MB each on disk (and btw v10 is about 1.GB on disk). The 1.2GB occupied by v8 and v9 is a chunk of real estate I’d like to get back. If it matters, I have no saved projects that were created in v8 or v9.

In my situation, are there any caveats or reasons that I might want to keep old v8 and v9 installed?

Thanks for your thoughts.

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No. Except one little issue. If you uninstall version 9 after installing 10, currently it will remove the ARA extension of V10. Simple solution is to install V10 again after doing your uninstalls.

Installing takes only a few seconds anyway so not a major issue.


Hi Phil,
Thanks for the insight into the process. I’ll get a fresh image of the disks (just in case), go for the two uninstalls and then apply the v10 reinstall. I appreciate the help.

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