Reasons why MIDI is not always regognised?

I never get that. As long as my Midex is turned on before Cubase is started (which it always is because it turns on when the pc turns on), all my midi devices work just fine, no matter when I turn them on.

Aloha guys,

For some reason I never have this prob.
I have always been able to connect and re-connect MIDI at any time
while recording or playing back with no issues.

I have read other posters like Steve with this same prob but
I can’t seem to figure it. (MIDI wise).

Sup wi dat?

Was Strophoid’s advice helpful? I have a similar power on requirement - the MIDI keyboard has to be powered on before Cubase is opened. In the reverse, Cubase doesn’t see the MIDI keyboard.

Is that similar to your situation?

Also, check the NiCad battery in the MOTU device. Replace if needed.