Reassign implicit rest (caret advance) to Num-Enter?

When I’m entering a long bit of music, my left hand is on my MIDI keyboard and my right hand is on my number pad (I’ve mapped the note durations there).

The only bummer is the spacebar to advance by the selected duration (creating an implicit rest). I have to move my hand all the way over. Is there a way to map this to the Num-Enter key? I couldn’t find a way to do so.

I know this seems like a small thing, but if I could find a way to map an implicit rest to the number pad, I would never need to take my hand away and look at the computer keyboard. Huge time saver for long periods of note entry. Thanks!

I’ve mapped this to the NumPad 0, which is my one concession to Finale-continuity.

How do you map it though?

EDIT: Ahhhhh. “Advance caret.” Thanks! I was searching for “rest”… duh. It’s in the post title…

PS: personally, I prefer mapping the dot to NumPad 0, since it’s easier to reach than the NumPad dot. But either way, it’s so much faster!

You should know by now that you don’t “enter rests” in Dorico! :open_mouth:

(Didn’t they teach you anything on that Certified Trainer course … :laughing:)

Lol I know that. I never enter rests, I just didn’t think so search the key commands for “advance.”