Reassign inter-app audio to new track?

Hi! I’m trying to record a couple of tracks of guitar using BIAS FX as the inter-app audio source. Recording my first track is fine, but when I want to set BIAS as the input for the second track, it’s unavailable. The only way to work around this is to quit BIAS, then try again!

Steinberg - would it be possible to allow users to reassign an inter-app audio source to a new track?

Hi BenNewell,

Thanks for your message.

Apple’s inter-app audio standard allows to assign one instance of a compatible app (instrument or effect).
Since this is a given limitation by Apple we can’t do anything against it.

As a workflow suggestion:

  • Make sure “Unfreeze Deletes Audio Track” is not enabled in Setup/Arranger
  • Create a master audio track to make your guitar recordings with BIAS FX

Once you have recorded a final guitar track:

  • Tap the freeze button to mixdown the track with your desired BIAS FX setting
  • Tap unfreeze, move the recorded (dry) track to a new audio track (as a backup)

Please note that Cubasis also supports Apple’s Audio Unit format that allows to use multiple instances of compatible apps. Once BIAS FX decides to supports AU, there will be no more limitations in using multiple BIAS FX instances.

Hope that helps.