reassign midi notes


Please forgive me if this question has already been answered in a previous thread (I dug around but couldn’t find anything). Is there an on-board function to reroute midi notes, more specifically, for electronic drumkits to align properly? My buddy’s Yamaha DTXplorer doesn’t trigger the proper notes for the cubasis drumkits, and all I’ve been able to find is MidiBridge or other third party apps as (potential) solutions. I thought if there was a way to “learn” the notes through Cubasis it may cut down on cpu activity?

Let me know if this makes any sense. Thanks for your time!

Hi benzo,

Cubasis does not support re-routing of MIDI notes.
Since the DTXplorer does not allow to re-assign MIDI notes also it might be feasible to check for other available 3rd party app suppliers and get in touch with them.



Hi Lars,

Thanks so much for your reply. Out of curiosity, is that re-routing feature something that may be on the horizon for future Cubasis updates?

Thanks again!


Hi Ben,

as of now the feature is not planned for the near future.