Reassign Text items after XML import

After an XML import it seems that Rehearsal Marks are imported as staff-attached text. Is there a way to reassign it to be Reh Mark text or do I have to re-enter it as such?

Are you sure that the rehearsal marks were not exported as text before Dorico ever saw them?

You might test by exporting a Dorico file with rehearsal marks to XML and then importing it into a new doc to see if Dorico can pick up the Rehearsal mark tag?

Thanks, Derrek. Come to think of it…Yes,I exported this XML from Sibelius in which use Boxed System Text for rehearsal marks. I might stick with this method and just make them System Text in Dorico as well.

I think I read on another thread that converting Staff text to System text in Dorico is not yet possible.

So it seems I’ll just be deleting and re-inputting for the time being.