reassigning CC's in Input Transformer. Where do I go wrong?

There are instruments that control volume with CC1 (modwheel). Now I have a wind controller so I would like to reassign CC1 to CC2 (breath controller). This is what I do:
-On the miditrack I add Transformer in Midi Inserts.
-In the top window of Transfomer I add value 1 equals CC1
-In the bottom window I add value 1 Set to fixed value CC2

However, I get a sound (of course, since input is set to All Midi Inputs), but I can’t control volume with my breath. Well, there seems to be a slight difference between blowing softly and blowing hard, but there’s no wide range as there is with modwheel. And even more importantly, it’s not continuous; I can’t make crescendi or diminuendi.
I’ve also looked at Quick Controls, but can’t make that work for me. Is there anybody out there who can help?

Did you turn on the module with the little power switch on the tab?

:smiley: Start with the basics, very good. Yes, I did.

One must troubleshoot this using a midi monitor, and not our fallible human senses. Put one on the send of the midi track, to see what’s coming out of there.

Post a pic of the input transformer too if you want.

I’ve figured it out. I had the CC’s the wrong way around. CC2 is coming in and should be transformed to CC1. In the first post it was the other way around.
Thank you for your kind attention.

bingo! (I did not catch that)