Reassigning incoming continuous midi data

Hi, so I’m wondering if there’s any way to Reassign incoming continuous midi data in this way:
to make the incoming midi note data become midi velocity data and incoming midi velocity data become midi note data?
I ask because I recently picked up a 3rd party Drums sample library, and I want to use my Roland SPD-SX midi drum pad to play all of the instruments even though all of the samples dynamic layers are set to midi notes instead of velocity layers.

Availability is dependant on the version of Cubase you are using, but the Input Transformer would be where you’d do this. Suspect it isn’t possible, but it would take a close look at the Input Transformer to know for sure. You might also look at using virtual MIDI Cables to do the work outside of Cubase.

Also what about pulling the samples into the Sampler Track or Groove Agent SE and setting them up to respond properly to Velocity

I get why you want to convert the Velocity to a Note value, but why the other way of converting the Note into Velocity?

I’m using Cubase 11 pro; sorry for not specifying.
The virtual midi cables sound interesting… how is that usually done? I’m running Mac OS, but if there’s a way to do it in windows there’s probably a way to do it in Mac OS.
The issue with pulling the samples in is that I don’t have direct access to the samples (the audio files), so I’d have to bounce every single sample from midi to audio, chop everything up, and then set up the 2 microphone positions that the library has, and so I just want to avoid that long arduous process if I can.
I’m thinking that in order to play any midi instrument, there has to be some kind of velocity message sent in order for anything to happen, so I thought that I either have to convert midi note data to velocity data or I have to program the input transformer to send a static velocity along with the converted midi note data from the midi velocity, but I don’t know which of the 2 would be easier.

First I thought this was possible as follow, But if you actually do this, velocity will be copied to note but not the other way round. the second operation only takes the place after the 1st one, so there's no way to preserve it. You could copy value1 to value3 but then no ability to copy value3 back to value2. So I was wrong, this isn't possible with an input transformer.

Use Input transformer.

Filter target - Type Is
Condition - Equal
Parameter 1 - Note

Action Target - Value1
Operation - Use Value2

Action Target - Value2
Operation - Use Value1

Yeah, I don’t quite understand where “incoming velocity data” fits into that formula?

That is ‘Value1’ in MIDI note on message. ‘Value2’ is velocity.
And ‘Value3’ which is unusual naming, is velocity value of note off message.

True every Note needs a Velocity value, but they all come with the one that you want to use as a Note value. That doesn’t preclude you from just letting it stay as is, which would be the simplest thing.

I’m sure there is for a Mac. On PC I’m use LoopBe and LoopMIDI. Basically they look like any other MIDI In/Out on your computer except they don’t have any physical component. To be useful you’d need to find some software that could manipulate MIDI data in the way you want - no idea how likely something like that exists. If you are a programmer type, this could be done using ChucK talking to Cubase via virtual cables. But that’s a pretty hefty hike to get there (unless one was tempted by the possibilities that would open).

I see… well it seems like rebuilding the instruments in Kontakt is going to be the simplest thing to do in the long run.
Thanks for giving y’all’s input on this. I appreciate it.