Reavtivation issue (No products found on this eLicenser)

This is my last straw after trying so many possibilities and reading so many topics on this and unsloved.

I installed Windows 10 and need to reinstall my cubase AI 9 then upgrade it to cubase element 9.5(upgrade)

  1. I entered activation code(cubase AI 9) on elicenser
    2.copied serial no. and register at elicenser.
  2. successfully register.

the problem now is… Soft elicense is registered but it say “No products found on this eLicenser”

therefore i cannot reactivate.

any solutions to this admins?

i emailed but to no reply. im super upset with cubase team leaving all this issues lying around the internet.

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Hi and welcome,

Where did you copy Serial Number from?

The common way would be:

  • Make sure the old Soft-eLicenser has been registered in your My Steinberg account.
  • Install eLCC application to the new computer/system. The Soft-eLicneser number has been created automatically.
  • Register the new Soft-eLinceser number to your MySteinberg account.
  • Reactivate the licenses from the old Soft-eLicenser to the new one.