Scoring Notes has a post today (June 20 2023) drawing attention to a new ‘cut down’ (not a criticism: the essentials, perhaps; easier to carry and maybe even use) edition, Behind Bars: General Conventions (Theory), of Elaine Gould’s indispensable original Behind Bars.

It seems to be available directly from Faber in the UK and Amazon UK now; but not yet on Amazon US.

Cheaper (by 75%) and shorter (60%) than the main book; but could be a useful addition to our libraries.

The original was (first) published in 2011, and is relatively expensive. But worth it, of course :slight_smile: .

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Note that the whole Behind Bars volume is available as an ebook on kindle, which makes it so easy to carry that I have it on my phone wherever I need. So I admit I wasn’t really impressed with this piece of news.
And the real book is always there on my desk…



Understood :slight_smile: !

I counted it as something to have - for the sake of completeness.

(And, I suppose, even just a little to support Elaine Gould and her work.)

Plus it might be quicker at times to consult a… distillation.

Perhaps also for its reduced cost.

But I do know what you mean!

I reference the whole original book (both the printed and Kindle versions). For those interested in the new “General Conventions” version make sure you are aware of the differences—there is a lot missing in this reduced version and it might not be as useful.

Faber have the Contents of the original here:

and the “sample” (Contents) of General Conventions here:

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Agreed, @arco.

I apologize if that was not clear from my original post.

SN certainly accurately describes the new book as ‘…includ[ing] every bit of the first 240 pages of the original edition…’

But it is not a new or revised edition or in any way supplementary to the original Behind Bars.

I was thinking of those who might benefit from something cheaper and more compact, who don’t already have ‘Behind Bars’.

Thanks for clarifying.

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Hey Mark, no need to apologize to me, at least. I was just adding in to the conversation and thought the Faber links would be useful if anyone wanted to compare them :slight_smile:

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Fixed that for ya… :wink:

Well, that was exactly what I was trying to avoid :person_shrugging:

Ah, just having fun… no offense… :innocent:

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@arco - of course. Understood.

It’ll all be useful to someone in one way or another sooner or later, won’t it :slight_smile: Thanks!