Rebecca Black - Friday

Hi All - I was intrigued by the description of this song, so I went and listened.

Incredible! I’m completely in awe of my inability to appreciate music in the same way that most of listeners of pop music today do. Gotta love the Autotune/Melodyne aspect of it … I wish she had actually taken it a little further and outdone Cher’s “Believe”, but that’s just me …

I do believe the author of the article was a little unfair, categorizing the apparently spurious listing of the days of the week in the Lyric as gratuitous and without musically redeeming value … but to be honest I may only feel that way because one of my favorite songs does exactly the same thing (Lady Madonna, The Beatles).

Is Rebecca Black the new Lennon/McCartney? :smiley:

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Rebecca Black - Friday.)

I generally try to keep an open mind about music, even overly commercial music,
but this was painful to watch. It’d be hard to beat those lyrics for shallowness.
I can see how teenage girls might view this as an excuse to smile and dance, but beyond that…
Many artists over the years have written simplistic, good time songs - like Chuck Berry’s School Days
or Beach Boys ‘Fun Fun Fun’, but Blacks song is in it’s own league IMO.

However, if this song is actually an indictment of modern pop music - then it’s brilliant! :laughing:

(Yeah, Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah-Ark)
Oo-ooh-ooh, hoo yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah

[Rebecca Black - Verse 1]

7am, waking up in the morning
Gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs
Gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal
Seein’ everything, the time is goin’
Tickin’ on and on, everybody’s rushin’
Gotta get down to the bus stop
Gotta catch my bus, I see my friends (My friends)

Kickin’ in the front seat
Sittin’ in the back seat
Gotta make my mind up
Which seat can I take?

It’s Friday, Friday
Gotta get down on Friday
Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend
Friday, Friday
Gettin’ down on Friday
Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend

Partyin’, partyin’ (Yeah)
Partyin’, partyin’ (Yeah)
Fun, fun, fun, fun
Lookin’ forward to the weekend

[Rebecca Black - Verse 2]

7:45, we’re drivin’ on the highway
Cruisin’ so fast, I want time to fly
Fun, fun, think about fun
You know what it is
I got this, you got this
My friend is by my right
I got this, you got this
Now you know it

Kickin’ in the front seat
Sittin’ in the back seat
Gotta make my mind up
Which seat can I take?


It’s Friday, Friday
Gotta get down on Friday
Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend
Friday, Friday

If you want to hear amazing and artful use of Autotune, listen to
Imogen Heap’s ‘Hide and Seek’ all the way through.

Hi Alexis

Does she have any fame independent of this work? I must say, I dont think I’ve heard anything which has given me a ‘first time drilling’ to this extent since Pussycat Dolls ‘Doncha’. I prefere darker stuff, so Doncha wins, for me. But this song by Rebecca sure was hammering home … and the trick was to hammer it home from different directions. That ‘PARTYIN’ … ‘YEAH’ neatly transformed from a ‘one person’s thought’ into a few frends’ thought, into an entire house-party though. AND that Rapper as a further ‘Chorus’/Witness …

It used the ‘Individual voyeur’ extends to ‘multiple voyeur’ technique to surround the individual listener with messaged of ‘This Is Growing … SEE how this is growing … SEEE how this idea is becoming Viral.’ The rapper in the car Superglues the individual and the universal … not only alone, but in his Close Top car - he’s showing ‘audience reaction’ … Mr ‘Man on the Street.’ Of course, the message is so ‘big’ … is being presented, in the video as being so big that it is now on prime time radio.

I take this onto the dancefloor … remembering a couple of years ago when i was regularly attending a Karaoke bar for reasons best known to my I don’t know … I’d see that the most popular stuff had those catchinesses, however, in addition, would have a progressive sequence …
This bit especially … driving, compelling to go ‘just to the next bit’.
“Partyin’, partyin’ (Yeah)
Partyin’, partyin’ (Yeah)
Fun, fun, fun, fun
Lookin’ forward to the weekend”
It was a piece almost entirely of HOOKS.

Where am I going with my response to this?

Well … I reckon we ought to bear down on this like a ravenous shoal of pirhanas … its stucture is transparent, and ripe for stealing. It is already a treasure chest of stolen property … Remember Queen’s Radio Gaga Video, in which a strong motif was “See How The Audience Love This” … it’s like a composting barrel … I mean, that technique’s been used for a long time … remember 1950’s adverts in which ‘The Approving Audience of extras’ was an important part of selling themessage to the viewer. transformed them.

There’s a lot of meat in this. Don’t get me wrong … I’ve a strong EWWWWW and Oh Crap response, but I really want to steal their formula. Part of it is that they use pre-existing formulas as their pallette … stuff which is already ingrained in the listener … so part of the composing job is done for them. Part of it is that they run the same ‘pattern of organization’ through multiple perceptual positions … POVs. There are some other parts … they are on the tip of my mind, but I can’t put my finger on them.

OK Enough from me, for now.

Alexis … thanks for RUINING my next few days … I can’t resent it’s having gone viral … cos it went viral in my own head on first listening. DAMMMMIT! :smiling_imp:
Take care
Glyn :slight_smile:

Glyn…Glyn…why do you do this to yourself?? :laughing:

Yes, what really drew me in were the subtle Aeolian Cadences. :smiley:

The Kaya Rosenthal girl actually isn’t half bad for that teenie pop thing for people who like that kinda music I suppose. The others there are mildly painful to watch. If you watch the website launch concert vid on that page… it’s… interesting to say the least.

Anyway, if you want to see some actual talent watch this acoustic version of that “Friday” song by young Kalie Shorr…

Heard this the other day. I made it to around 15 seconds then I lapsed into a coma. Didn’t even bother listening this time, don’t want to tempt providence :laughing:

Painful it is…I took it off before the urge to put my fist through my monitor reached fruition.

its so painful id rather push my ears through cheese graters than go deaf listening to that crap !


… and the poor girl isn’t even here to defend herself!


Oh, she’s there – at the bottom of the pile. You just can’t see her.

I can hear the ref now, “Okay, boys, LIFT yourselves off her – don’t ROLL off, now!*” :laughing:

*anybody who has played organized football knows what I’m talking about

Dogpile on the rabbit!

Or some Beatles songs.

I love the Beatles.

At least Caligula didn’t need helmets and padding. Bareback Sports are assuringly more fun!! Not that I would know. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I know you aren’t saying the Beatles used Autotune, but I can’t figure out what you are saying here - please elucidate - thanks!