Rebirth of my "Evil Minds"

I recorded “Evil Minds” awhile back. Sounds a bit Gothic in nature. Thought I’d finally post something I did for a change.
This song reminds me of a friend long gone. What do you think of it by an old guy?

Well done Jack, sounds :smiling_imp: Evil :smiling_imp:

You’ve got a bit of a Leonard Cohen/Doors thing happening here, John, could be one of your strenghts, I like it. The groove is very nice as are the instrumentation and sounds.
Perhaps you could ‘carve’ just a little more space for your vocals in the EQing of some of the instrumets, such as the bass? Maybe one of the more vocally oriented members could help here?

Well done, John, I enjoyed that,

Mauri (another ‘old’ guy).

great track but i wouldn’t put it in the same catagory as bauhaus or the fields of nephilim.

good track tho !

You sure you listened to the right track, bauhaus…fields of nephilim, I don’t get the connection here :confused: ?.

Thanks loads guy’s. It is kind of eerie sounding. I’m the guy that can’t sing, remember? Still can’t.

the connection was mauri that they are gothic bands and i was just saying that as good as the track is i would not class it as gothic track id class it more as emo thats all !

nice work…

Yep, pretty evil, John! :sunglasses:

Yeah, dark and broody :smiling_imp:
I think the instrumentation and sounds generally are pretty good, though it felt quite long and I did wonder if more of a change was needed somewhere? Maybe a breakdown on the verse at 3:00??


It does sound quite boomy overall - mostly too much ambiance on the drums I think? There’s a fair amount of low-energy stuff masking the other sounds it seems to me. As for the vocal, well, if you put yourself in the same catagory as Cohen/Tom Waits etc as opposed to a ‘proper’ singer then its actually quite good and with that in mind I’d mix your voice drier and let it sit more forward in the mix. :sunglasses:

The bass needs controlling IMVHO. It’s taking up too much sonic space, especially on the deep notes but I love the ambience. There is probably too much ambience on the band in general, especially the electric piano. One thing you might try increasing predelay settings or turn predelay off altogether in order to separate the verb from the sounds a little.

I have to say I like this song a lot and the vocal is really very good IMHO. :sunglasses:


Hi John

Just listening again to the low end. It could well be the EP casing the booming effect with the bass. Hard high pass filtering on the EP might well help the bass some.

Thanks guy’s, I’ll try out some of your suggestions. Doing some of this on Cubase 6 is going to be a bit
of a stretch for me. But I’ll figure it out.