Rebuild, improve beat designer

Hi starting a petition thread to get beat designer updated and upgraded even if it results in a pro version. Please post for support and add any suggestions. I would like to see an improved version or even be able to buy a pro version.

My story so far is I started off wanting to mostly do sequencing with room to grow and could have probably got away with Sequal to start with but I have got Cubase Artist 7 now. I am finding beat designer pretty limited so far. eat designer opens with Grove Agent witch can be loaded with some nice sounds, really like the techno sounds. Well in beat designer these pad sounds are not available witch is bad if getting creative. I would like to see the pad sounds available and possibly more instruments slots available.

Beat designer might be good for classic music types but I want to do dance, techno, dubstep, jungle rock etc.

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Im in the process (been for about 2 months now lol, havent had much time!) of writting up a detailed list of improvements BeatDesigner/GrooveAgent ONE NEEDS. For example; if you wanted to choose a sample from the drop down, its practically USELESS once you get down a few notes/octaves, because it truncates the octave/name of the sample. It just shows “g#------” rather than “g#2 HiHat” With all those “-----” being used, youd think it could make better use of that space.

How the heck are you to even know what octave the g# is!??! Why cut off the octave?!?! This is a very big, minor problem (lol), that has yet to be addressed, as far as I know. I assume not many people use BeatDesigner, because this would be unacceptable. This has been like this since version what, 5? :open_mouth:

Then theres the resolution of bars/tabs…how it stops JUST before the full 64. Again…why? smh :cry:

Anyway, my BeatDesigner/GrooveAgent ONE post will detailed and thorough as I can be, but will prolly take a bit to write up, and take screenshots of all the sloppy unfinishedness. :confused:

Maybe Ill make it a poll…but…if nobody uses it… :frowning:

I can agree beat designer is a Nice tool for making beat changing velocity end afding swing bud trilt Breda upgrading

1 direct recording into B.D
2 separate swing editing
3 drum maps for evary drum kit
4 when you have a 32 step seq. Copy , paste
To 17 to step 32
5 Making THE swing visual

Have more bud no time At THE moment
Hope poeple Will Ads more to THE list

BD seriously needs an always on top mode, im tired of it blocking the project window making it impossible to see both at the same time, not to mention dragging and dropping from BD into the project window when it covers it. It really should be set to always on top and scalable, just like the new mixconsole and Halion 4 is, so you can size it and place it the way you want and just use it.

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