Rec audio track to Dorico in realtime ?


Is-it possible from Dorico to Rec an audio track in realtime ? ?.. please :slight_smile:

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You mean, does Dorico record audio as would a normal digital audio workstation ? The answer is no, it is a engraving program.
But if you need a recording of the music you have been engraving, the answer is yes. And it’s improving on this field.

O.K …thanks very much . …but “Finale” make it . …excuse my English :slight_smile:

I am French, so my english cannot be that good :wink:

yes. With Finale one can play and record audio track, of course, it is limited. But it is nice to have it for composers and songwriters to have their ideas on an audio track.

Bonjour. Merci bien pour votre réponse relative à " Finale " :slight_smile:

Hello . Is Dorico rec audio in realtime and with notation on the score ?----- Original Message -----

Like this?

If you mean playing an instrument into a mic, that is not possible.

…nor will it ever be, as I recall Daniel saying previously. Dorico is not a DAW, and they certainly don’t want to compete with Cubase, which is owned by the same parent company.

And even in Cubase, I am not sure entering an audio track will produce notation, unless there is some feature of Melodyne or the like that adds that ability.

Not a DAW… but I definitely get the idea of being able to obtain notation from instruments other than midi keyboard. If that is your need, there is a way to do that but you’ll need an additional piece of software.

EX: MidiGuitar takes in audio and outputs midi that you can use as an input to Dorico staves just as you would a MIDI keyboard. It’s actually pretty good and I’ve found it easy to use with Dorico ,but it has the same issues as any live MIDI recording. I’ve used other tools that will handle a single instrument part and convert to a MIDI. Sometimes I’ve got a particular sort of offbeat complex rhythm that’s a lot easier to play than explain - that could be a personal problem though :slight_smile: