Rec/Monitor get linked and annoying

Link several Instrument Channels with a VCA Fader.
Now when i select one of them to record some part, record is enabled on all of them. In Link settings there’s no settings for record/monitor to be linked/unlinked, so guess they get linked under the hood and there’s nothing i can do? Now that makes VCA Faders unusable for me during arranging =(((

hold down ALT+ Click Record Button to target only one track for record when in a VCA Group .

Shouldn’t this be the oposite? We should be able to select a track without alt (cumbersome if you are using mackie control)
I asked luis from steinberg if this is a bug or by design, I think vca faders shouldn link channel selection, record arm or monitor…

Well, the temporary workaround i’ve found is latching “suspend all channel linking” (SUS button) in the MixConsole. VCA faders still work, but all other forms of channel linking are off, and record/monitor are not group-triggered. Since i never use linking, that works for me, but this sucks anyway.

The last time I checked, SUS didn´t prevent from group selecting and rec mon activating.

I will check again tomorrow to see if that helps