Recalculating distribution of measures

I notice regularly that in a part layout, Dorico 4 does not ‘recalculate’ the distribution of measures (number of measures per stave on one page) after having moved one or more measures to a next or previous page. As far as I know this can only be fixed manually. It would be very helpfull to have this feature, or am I overlooking it? Thanks for your input!

When you move bars up or down to the previous/next system, Dorico inserts system breaks to fix your choice of casting off. You can see manual system breaks if signposts are shown.

You can reset an entire layout’s casting off (ie delete all system and frame breaks) in Engrave mode.

@Lillie_Harris: Thanks for your reply. I’m aware of that option. This option will indeed remove all system or frame breaks in a flow, but to my knowledge can not recalculate the distribution of measures per stave/system on one page.

Dorico calculates system breaks at all times. But they can be overridden by manual breaks, especially with the “Wait for next break” attribute. It sounds to me like you need to show signposts to see what is going on.

@Mark_Johnson: Thanks for your reply. Signposts for system and page breaks are always visible in my case. I’m looking for a possibility to recalculate the distribution of measures between two already existing page or system breaks after one (or a couple of) measure has been moved to a previous or next page or system.

Dorico does that, but in an odd way: only the last system or the last two systems seem to be recalculated, which results in an uneven page layout.

Can you show us some examples of what you see and what you want?

It’s true that sometimes, the last couple of systems in a Flow are not as ‘balanced’ with the rest of the material as they could be. You can either add a couple of breaks in the systems that are the most full; or Change the note Spacing for the whole flow to get a better fit across all the pages.

@benwiggy: Thanks for clarifying. I tried all these options and I always come to a satisfying result in the end. I seems odd to me though that a certain degree of manual tweaks are necessary for something that seems quite important for anyone who writes scores or parts, namely a balanced overal layout of a page.

@benwiggy: Btw, here is an exemple you requested. Slice 1 is the original (no page or system breaks). In Slice 2 I moved the last two measures to the next page but nothing changed in the total layout. Only when moving the last three measures, layout changes.

Could you repost the second screenshot with “Show signposts” active, please?

There is no signpost visible on that page. The first signpost (a Frame Break) is at the beginning of the next page.