Recall custom Expression maps

I’m a new user of Dorico 3.5 and I am trying to figure out how can I recall-playback expression maps that I created. I mean how do I associate a particular expression map with the score. When the expression map is a staccato I just add the staccato dots on the notes. When it is legato I slur the notes I want to sound legato. But what If I want to trigger an expression map that doesn’t have an associated symbol in the score?
Thank you

With a Playback Template I think.


Maybe you first have to create a Playing technique and a Playback technique, and then add the Playback technique to your expression map.
You might find this thread useful: CC 104 codes for string section sizes - Dorico - Steinberg Forums

You create a playing technique that activates the playing technique you want, add it to the score, and then hide it.

BTW I think your question is mixing up “playing techniques” and “expression maps”. You link an expression map to the project using the Endpoint Setup dialog in Play mode, (click the cog-wheel icon next to a VST instrument) but I don’t think that is what you are asking about.

I made an “ugly” pdf which is how I understand the relationship between Playback, Playing techniques, etc…
I could be dead wrong though, but it works for me. Maybe the explanation is backward.

Playback (434 KB)

Thank you all for your answers! I finally understood the concept. The answer was the relation of playing techniques and playback technique.