Recalling a Mixer snapshot triggers a graphic bug in Cubase 10.5.20

I found bug in the Current Cubase version after recalling a mixer snapshot. It triggers a graphic bug in the channel strip. The group channel and the master channel faders overlap.
Watch the video where I demonstrate the bug:

How to recreate the bug:

1 - Create an audio track
2 - Route it to a group channel
3 - Go to the mixer make two snapshots (So we can switch between them)
4 - Open the audio track channel strip / enable Show Output chain (Group fader and Master output fader will show next to each other)
5 - Keep the audio track channel strip open
6 - Switch between mixer snapshots.
9 - Watch the faders make love! (Group love? :laughing:)


Already reported issue, thank you.

Can you link me to the post where it’s posted please?


It has been reported In the internal Steinberg bug tracking system.