Recalling and applying spectral edits to revised files?

How is the best way to go about recalling and applying spectral edits to revised files in WaveLab?

Use case, I receive a mix file that has multiple points where spectral edits or “audio inpainting” is needed. Then later I receive a revised mix file but the timestamps and frequency ranges that require spectral editing remain the same. Is there any way to save and recall all the original selections onto the new file? This would also be a huge help when processing explicit and clean versions of the same mix for example.
I love the “replace audio file” feature in the montage for this same reason, it would be great if there was something similarly straightforward to apply a set of spectral edits onto new files. Thank you for any info about a feature I’m missing, and/or suggestions on how you all handle this!

There is a way, but:

  • Not very fast if you have many regions because each one needs to be done one by one.
  • Only works with regular regions
  • Only recall the rectangular region, not the Spectrum Edit Process settings.
  • Given a current region…
  • Open the Selection editor
  • Save the settings as preset.
    Later, on the new version, one the selection editor and recall the preset.


It’s not possible in RX either despite many years of people asking. You basically have to roll up your sleeves and do it all again which is what I do, or save any spectral repair and time intensive work until after the mastering is otherwise approved which makes sense from a time/cost perspective, but I just can’t present an initial master with such issues so I do it first, and redo if necessary.


I agree with Justin … it’s probably quicker to just do it again (referencing the previous track if necessary).

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Yes, and in some cases with the way I work, I at least have a nice visual map of where any and all edits were made so when I open the song or project, I know if it’s going to be fast/easy to redo or a more of a PITA.


Do you think it would be good to add a custom function for this? Like a “save history” then “restore it”?


wouldn’t Spectralayers make this happen? not directly related but curiosity of mine.

Thank you for your responses PG1! I would certainly use such a restore feature if it was developed. I am not a programmer myself, but in my mind being able to apply the same selections onto multiple files does seem like something that computers would be able to be successfully made to do.

Thank you also for explaining the preset option, I was not aware of that and though you are right that it is not very fast, I will still explore it further to see if that can at least slightly streamline my current workflow.

Thanks for the info Justin! It is good to know that jumping onto an external spectral editor would still just leave me in the same boat.
It does seem kinda odd to me that this remains an outstanding feature request across platforms, but I guess either I’m vastly underestimating how complex it would be to implement, or just personally would value the ability to do this more than the average user.

I have … but don’t really use … SpectraLayers. As far as I know, SpecraLayers … like RX and WL … does not save this either once the file has been saved. That is, the edit profile cannot be recalled for use in a different file.

As someone who uses Spectral Edit and Correction on literally every project every day that would be a great idea. In fact amazing.

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I thought that by creating layers you could save the project with those layers being the edit point, for example. I only have SL that comes with Cubase,