Recalling Flux Presets in HSSE-3.3

How do I recall a User preset into HS SE 3.3?

I edit one of the Factory presets and then save it, with a slightly modified name, using the Floppy Disc icon in the bottom left-hand corner of Flux. I would expect this new User preset to appear in the list of Flux presets but I can not find it anywhere. I’ve tried selecting the User icon but nothing shows up there.

I can not even find how to import the preset.

I’ve tried looking at the user manual but nothing seems to be clear.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi fenderchris,

When saving, simply right click on the preset name and a pop up will appear. Click on ‘Save Program As’ and write your new name for the preset and then click ‘OK.’

You will then see it in the list of presets under the Load tab. If you can’t it may be worth clicking on the ‘Reset Filter’ button which is just below the Load tab slightly to the left!

Hope this helps as I’ve just tried it myself and it works perfectly?

Kind regards

James Colah

Hey James,

Thanks, that works perfectly.

The Floppy Disc icon in the bottom left-hand corner is obviously for saving some other kind of preset.

No problem fenderchris - glad I could help.

Have a nice day!

Kind regards

James Colah