Reccomendations for graphics card

Hello, I finally figure out the cause for the dropouts that I was having with the UR28M, and it seems the cause is the graphics card I’m using, a Sapphire Radeon 550. I was running a 29" monitor, and a 48" LED TV screen in a dual monitor setup. The reason I purchased this card, was that I upgraded my main screen to an ultrawide LG monitor, and the onboard GPU on my Asus Z390P motherboard, altough according to the specs its supposed to handle the resolution, I could never seem to get the resolution selected,2560*1080 would never appear as an option on windows settings for that monitor, and I had to run it at the lower 1920 x 1080. I also wanted to connect a 3rd LED 48" TV to solely display video there.
So my current setup is 1st (default) monitor LG ultrawide screen, running nuendo, second screen (48" TV) is for nuendo mixer (full screen), and 3rd monitor to display video from nuendo (full screen).

Well, I went back to the onboard GPU, discconected the third monitor, and ran the Ultra Wide screen in lower resolution just to check if the droputs continued and voila, they dissapeared and my DAW’s performance went back to what I was acustomed, very stable at significant loads (for me anyway) even at low latencies (96-64 samples). I also returned all the settings in the bios to the factory ones, meaning speedstep and all options regarding CPU clock and cycles control to default. And still, performace was great as usual.

So this card was supposed to handle the work I bought it for, even higher resolutions, but something strange is going on with its drivers. I choose AMD/ATI because supposedly I read on DAW forums and here that they are more stable for audio work. I guess this was not the case for me. A friend that works in IT told me that If my platform is Intel, I should not use AMD/radeon cards, that I should use Nvidia instead. So any reccomendations on a low profile graphics card that could handle 2 LED 48" screens with 1920 x 1080 resolution and one UW monitor with 2560*1080 resolution. I would prefer quiet as possible, low profile, or fanless because my daw sits besides my desk in a rack, altough I guess that is asking for so much. I don’t do any gaming or stuff like that, so don’t need fast framing/render, etc, just stable operation.Any card that won’t cause hogs like this one and steal performance from my UR28M to perform stable? Would looking for workstation vs gaming soundcards (think Quadro vs gaming stuff) would offer the stability I demand without the hog on the rest of the system?
Motherboard is ASUS Z390-P Prime, intel 9400 I5 CPU, 64 G in Ram.

Thanks for your comments in advance!

wich Radeon driver did you use? latest?

My card (RX570) has no problems so far… but I have a different interface (UAD Apollo Twin USB)

Yes its the latest driver from AMD. I do have one issue that I do not know if it might have a negative impact. The video card I had to place in the second PCIE x16 slot, because I have a huge noctua CPU heatsink with 140mm fan that doesn’t leave me a clear access for the 1st PCIE x 16 slot…I check the manual of the asus mobo and it states that for better performance with a single card I must use the first PCIE x 16 slot. Could this be the reason why?

could be… but actually more a guess than knowledge

ok checked the ASUS page and the second slot is at quarter speed and not recommended for grafik card
only the first one should be used for full grafik card speed

Yes I confirmed the same, that might be the reason for the dropouts. The graphics card is not running at its full capacity and its probably hogging resources. Gonna have to try and sort the heatsink position, to allow me to fit the graphics card on the first slot and see if that corrects the issue. Hoping and twisting fingers for that to be the cause, can’t wait to try it later on tonight.

Thanks for your help mate!

It worked!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: I’m so freakin’ happy that was it!! Happy to report that DAW is now running super stable, under considerable load, and at very low latency (buffer setting 48 samples in Yamaha driver with low latency setting, 2.9 ms), All 3 screens on, incluiding my ultrawide monitor, NO DROPOUTS NO NADA,CASE CLOSED good God!..who would have thought something so simple as switching the radeon card to the first PCIEx16 slot would solve it, I can now go back to work without having to worry about all this computer crap! :sunglasses: :sunglasses: